Website Traffic Plans

Website Traffic Plans

If you have a website, then you need website visitors – right?

If you do not have website visitors, then your website will collect virtual dust.

A nice looking website needs a nice and steady flow of traffic from targeted visitors.

We offer traffic plans that will send high quality based visitors to your website or landing page. These website visitors are highly targeted based on the SEO keywords you provide in the form when you order the package. Choosing keywords will allow us to send visitors to your site that are interested in your services and products.

The website visitors are driven from Google. Each campaign is 30 days.

**Please note that we cannot guarantee sales but can ensure that we are sending quality visitors to your site. You will need to make sure that you have an optimized sales funnel and enticing offer so you can capture leads into your email list. It usually takes people 4-6 times before they actually buy from a website.

Common Use Cases

  • Local Business Website – If you are a lawyer in Chicago or a realtor in Atlanta, we can help you reach more customers through targeted ad campaigns using your specified keywords. Our traffic is 1/10th the cost of PPC campaigns.
  • Affiliate Marketing – you can send traffic to your affiliate links for networks such as: Amazon Affiliates, Clickbank, Ratuken, etc
  • Bloggers – our campaigns can be used to grow organic traffic for advertising.
  • Ecommerce websites – Our traffic campaigns are great for a variety of ecommerce stores. We do not support amazon shops, Facebook shops and ebay stores. If your store has a specific niche, then it is easier for it to be targeted.

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When you are ready to purchase, click one of the packages below, fill out the form, and pay via PayPal. You will receive an email with a confirmation of your purchase, and another email once your traffic goes live.

Standard Plan

Great Value
6,000 total visitors (spread out throughout the month)
200+ daily visitors
30 Day Campaign
Choose 1 keyword
Promote to Visitors from USA & top tier countries
Growth Plan
18,000 Visitors a month (spread out across the month)
600+ daily visitors
30 Day Campaign
3 Keywords
Promote to Visitors from the US & top tier countries
Scaling Plan
60,000 Visitors a month (spread out across the month)
2,000+ Daily Visitors
30 Day Campaign
5 Keywords
Promote to Visitors from the US & top tier countries