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Sponsorship – A Sound Idea?

Trying to market a business without overspending can be difficult, so it is important to try and make your advertising budget go as far as you can. In doing this, you have to consider every possible angle. Spending money is pretty much unavoidable when it comes to online marketing, so you have to think of a way to make sure that what you spend is justified in terms of the number of people who see your advertisement. In that respect, one sound move may well be to think about sponsoring a local sports team.

Of course it depends on how popular the sports team is. If they are followed closely by the people in your locality, then the chances are they get good attendances at their games as well as coverage in local and regional media – and possibly further afield. If the team is popular, you also get the benefits of association with them which plays well into people having a positive view of your company. If you make a deal to pay for the team’s equipment – or some part of it – then you can have a presentation ceremony which allows you more publicity again.

If your company is a family-oriented one – for example, a local convenience store or a garage – then sponsoring a little-league team is a good idea. At the team’s games there will always be parents, and it is well-known that most advertising is directed at families, as they are always likely to have some need of what your company does.

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