Website Design/Development

Your website is essentially an ambassador for you and your business online. This is what will be representing you to the world and it’s up to that design to ensure that all the traffic you direct to your site comes away thinking your business is going to be the right choice for their requirements.

At Classy Technology, we understand every aspect of great web design and development, and can build your site in such a way that it will be perfect for expanding and growing your business. We create sites that work perfectly, look beautiful, and that thrive on Google.

How do you really know if a website is working? Because it will increase your traffic, your engagement and your sales. We focus on the bottom line to create websites that work for their business.

A great website needs to make the right impression as soon as you load it up. This means it should look highly professional, modern, eye catching and crisp and should feature high resolution images and an intuitive layout. At the same time, it should be effective in immediately communicating what your website is about, who it’s aimed at and what you’re selling if you’re a business. If someone lands on your page and they don’t instantly know what it is that you’re selling/providing, then they will likely leave within the minute. Then they need to know where to click, how to get the information they want and what to do next. Don’t be mistaken – a minute is actually a relatively average amount of time for punters to spend on any website!

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Pandemic New Business
Temporary package supporting new business owners during the pandemic
3 pages (You can choose 3 pages such as Home,Services,Contact)
Personalized training videos that show you how to login and manage site
Social Integration (icons linking to your social media accounts; max of 3)
**We must verify that you are a brand new business, this package is limited
**For eCommere/selling products - there will be an additional $300 fee, making it a total of $799 (thousands discounted)
6 pages max
Personalized training video that shows you how to log in and manage site
Basic Site Analytics
Security optimized (so hackers cannot penetrate your website)
Social Integration (icons linking to your social media accounts; max of 3)
SEO Tool setup (does not include SEO service package)
Everything from Professional PLUS
50 pages max
Advanced Site Analytics
Everything From Business PLUS
150 pages max
Everything From Premier PLUS
300 max pages
Will upload up to 100 products
Powerful eCommerce platform
Detailed Sales Reports
Custom Coupon Creation
Shipping Calculator Integration
Abandoned cart reminders
Live training with our team on managing the website