Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Are you ready for more website traffic & sales? Are you putting in a ton of effort and pumping money into advertising, only to get no results? 

Do you want high converting advertising campaigns for your service/product?

If so – you’ve come to the right place.

We have over 5 years of experience in advertising & have run hundreds of marketing campaigns. We believe that we have cracked the code of ad designs & proper target settings.

Our goal is to get your product/service in front of the RIGHT AUDIENCE.

Most of the time when ads fail, it’s because an incorrect audience was chosen.

This is our strategy:

  1. Competitor & market research
  2. Audience research & interest finding (based on demographics, interests, location, or behaviors)
  3. Creating landing page or website (based on client need)
  4. Creating audiences & lookalikes (based on your niche)
  5. Setting up creative ads based on latest trends including high converting ad copy
  6. Prospecting campaign setup and testing
  7. Pixel and catalog setup
  8. Setting up segmented re-marketing structure
  9. Daily Audits & optimizations of campaigns

These are the type of ad campaigns we create:

  • Post Reach
  • Website Traffic
  • Lead Generation
  • Sales Conversions

Important notes

  • All campaigns require a landing page or website to be created that we are driving traffic too. If your landing page or website was not created by us, it may require you to purchase an audit/revamp so we can optimize the site. Otherwise – we can’t guarantee results.
  • You must have a Facebook business page that has been open 2+ months. We need an active ad account with the business manager section setup.
  • You will need to make us the advertiser in the Facebook ads manager & editor of your Facebook page. If you are not comfortable with this, we cannot help.
  • We ONLY work with eCommerce products that hare priced at $500+, and for local service offerings, we only work with services that are priced at $300+.
  • Facebook does NOT allow the following items to be advertised, sorry: cryptocurrencies, prescription/illegal drugs, firearms, ammunition, tobacco products & e-cigs, animals, adult services/products, gambling products, loans, MLM products/services, prohibited supplements & deceptive goods/services.
  • We do NOT guarantee specific results but ensure that you will receive traffic.
  • It takes TIME to run campaigns. A lot of testing and trial/error is involved. We will created multiple ad sets until we find the winning one!
  • We do NOT offer refunds. In cases where campaigns need to be extended, we offer that for free.
  • Basic
    one time fee
    1 Campaign
    3 different ads
    Target audience research
    Setup within 7 business days
    No management
    Does NOT include ad spend, you are billed directly from Facebook for ads
    one time fee for 7 days
    4 Ad Campaigns
    Target Audience Research
    6 different ads
    Keyword Research
    Page/channel evaluation
    Action plan
    Includes management & optimization for 7 days
    Does NOT include ad spend, you are billed directly from Facebook for ads
    Everything from Standard PLUS
    10 different ads
    Includes management & optimization for 30 days
    Does NOT include ad spend, you are billed directly from Facebook for ads