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How Aggressive Marketing Turns People Off

Advertising is something that demands a modicum of common sense. Will any company sell more of its product by insulting the customer? Of course not. Will they lose out by being connected in people’s minds with something that they find abhorrent? Yes, they will. Is it hard to strike the right balance between convincing people to spend money and reassuring them that you aren’t just looking to make a quick buck? Without a doubt. The tricky thing in all of this is that you have to make decisions without knowing the outcome.

Some companies think that the best way to market themselves is to launch themselves at the customer. Without putting it in so many words, they will seek to put across the message that anyone who doesn’t buy their product is a moron. Their product is far and away the best and this is because they themselves are geniuses. Why would anyone turn to any other company? They must be idiots, surely?

Of course, even the most arrogant marketers are a little more subtle than that, but the fact remains that they can be very aggressive in selling their product. But how successful is that tactic? It has been noted that people like a company to just tell them the facts and make a case for why the customer should select them.

Of course you want people to be enthusiastic about you, but often the flip side of building yourself up is that you insult someone else by doing so – and this does not play well with most.

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