E-Learning Development

We can create an e-learning system that can be used for internal employee training. Or – if you’re a business that needs an online training system developed created so you can sell courses, we can help you to develop it.
We provide a full range of technical training services.Our technical training department offers the following:

  • Online Course Website + Implementation + Monthly Maintenance – features include:
    • Alternative to other course marketplace
    • Unlimited students
    • Ability to set your own price
    • Unlimited courses
    • No transaction fees because you’d own the site; some platforms take 5-10% of every sale
    • Drip fed content (Scheduling days that people will receive certain content)
    • Ability to sell offline content (such as workshops)
    • Ability to offer free courses as lead magnets
    • Dashboard that shows you stats such as sales, revenue, and enrollment info
  • Learning Management System Setup + Course Creation + Implementation (client provides content, and we will create courses)
  • Standalone Course Creation – This requires you to already have an learning management system. You will provide content (notes, document, outlines, etc) and we will compile into course format and input into the LMS system.View our general pricing table:


Online Course Website
This plan is ideal for entrepreneurs and coaches
$950 one time fee for setup (can be rolled into payment plan)
It will be hosted on your server
You will provide us with course content (including videos, PDF files, images etc)
Monthly cost is for maintenance, continuous upgrades, etc
LMS Development
This plan is ideal for medium size businesses needing an internal system
LMS = Learning Management System Development
We will setup and configure your LMS
It will be hosted on your server
Client will upload courses after live training with our team
We can upload courses for additional fees
Single Course Creation
This is ideal for companies who have an LMS and want it added to their system
This service requires you to already have an online LMS system
*If you need an LMS system, please purchase our development service
Client provides content
We can compile content into course format (videos included)
We can create content for additional fees