Do you want to be fined 20 million dollars? If not – Let’s talk about GDPR Compliance!

Do you want to be fined 20 million dollars? If not – Let’s talk about GDPR Compliance!

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If you’re a website owner, I’m sure you’ve heard all this talk about GDPR Compliance, also known as the General Data Protection Regulation.

It’s a consumer data privacy regulation created by the European Union.

The deadline for making your website compliant is May 25th, 2018. THERE IS NO GRACE PERIOD, SO YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS TO BE COMPLIANT BY THEN!

The purpose of the regulation is to give people in the European Union control over their personal data!

Here is a link to a list of countries in the EU:

The fine for violating these privacy requirements can be as high as 20 million dollars….do you have 20 million laying around? We don’t!

Keep reading…we’ll go into detail about how you can get compliant quickly.

Please note that we are NOT offering legal advice! Your situation may be unique. We do recommend consulting with your lawyer as needed.

So why should you care about GDPR if you’re not located in the European Union?

You should care if:

  • Anyone from the EU can visit your site (it’s on the world wide web)
  • If you collect any personal data on your site such as name, addresses, photos, email address, bank account payments, or a computer’s IP address
  • If your site uses cookies, or has 3rd party integrations such as Facebook pixels, analytics, etc


Getting a website GDRP compliant includes the following:

  • Cooking Consent – This automatically informs your EU users about cookie use and gets their consent.
  • Terms & Conditions Acceptance – This will take visitors from the EU to the terms and conditions page and it will get their consent.
  • Privacy Policy – This will automatically show people from the EU your privacy policy and get their consent.
  • Right to be forgotten – You should be able to collect “right to be forgotten” requests, and automatically notify the website admin.
  • Data Access – The website should collect data access requests, and automaticlaly inform the website admin.
  • Data Breach Notification – In case of a data breach on your website, you should be able to send a notification to all website users, as required by law.
  • Data Rectification – In case an EU user wants you to get rid of their data, your site should be able to collect their request and update the website admin.

Or – if you want to avoid any risk – you can refuse website traffic from visitors resideing in the EU!

It’s very important to get compliant ASAP…and we’re here to help!


Here are your options for getting GDPR compliant:

  1. DIY (Do it yourself) – Here is a general resource for how to get your website compliant:
    • If you have a Shopify website, visit this link: Click here….I’d recommend reaching out to the Shopify support team to find out updates about their tools so that you are compliant before the deadline.
    • If you have a WIX website, visit this link: Click here
    • If you have a Weebly website, visit this link: Click here
    • If your have a Squarespace website, visit this link: Click here

If you have a custom WordPress website and want us to get your website compliant right away, click the following link, enter in your information,and pay a small fee. Our team will have your site GDPR compliant within 24 hours:

*We are no longer booking consultations for non-wordpress websites.

Feel free to reach out with us with any questions!

Make it a priority to get compliant ASAP!

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