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Directions for Purchasing Your Domain Name + Hosting Package 

This step must be completed before we can begin developing the website. Both are a yearly cost paid directly to the host provider.


  1. Please follow these directions and let me know if you have any questions.
  1. Purchasing your domain name is fairly cheap and you will pay yearly for it. Also you will pay yearly for your hosting account, which is where your website will reside. It is the storage space for your website. I recommend the following website for both domain & web hosting. They are affordable and reliable:
  1. When you get to the website, hover over “Hosting Plans” on the navigation menu. Select “Web Hosting” and scroll down on the page.
  1. You will see three packages. Since you have one account, I recommend you select the “Geek” Account. Scroll to the bottom of the “Geek” column, and select “Order Now.” It is $1.95 per month. I suggest paying for the full year, which is about $23.40 + taxes.
  1. In the Product Selection section, in the box under “Register a new domain”, you will need to enter your desired domain name.
  1. Go ahead and enter in the name you’d like for your domain (such as “classytechnology”), and press “Check Availability”
  1. Click on the dropdown so you can choose the duration that you’d like to pay for.
  1. Press “Click to Continue”
  1. On the page you will see the box that says “Choose Billing Cycle”, and the options for payment. I recommend paying annually because it is cheaper.
  1. Press “Checkout”
  1. You will now see a page that says “DNS Management.”
  1. Next to add-ons, check the boxes for “DNS Management” and “Email Forwarding”
  1. You will now be directed to the page where you can view your cart items and checkout.
  1. The total that you will pay per year is around $36.19.
  1. Enter in all of your information in the “New Customer” account section and proceed to payment
  1. Once your payment has been completed, you will receive two emails with your new account information and control panel logins. The second email takes a bit of time.
  1. You will need to forward the emails to me at [email protected], with a subject line “YourBusinessNameGoesHere Website Hosting”. We will need this information in order to log into your hosting platform and design your website.