Digital Billboard Advertising

Let’s build your brand with digital billboards.

Digital billboards are a easy, creative way to promote your brand in a city, region, or metropolitan area.

With consistent billboard ad campaigns, virtually everyone in your local area can learn about your business.

Traditional roadside billboards are expensive and can often go unnoticed. Digital billboards grab driver’s attention more effectively.


Here are some important FAQs below about this service:


How much does this service cost?

  • The launch price for this service is a one time campaign setup fee of $400 paid to us for setting up the digital billboard + configuring the campaign. (Includes all areas except NYC, which is a one time fee of $1200))
  • For the actual campaign to run – the Ad networks require you to pay a minimum of $150 per week. This cost will be passed on directly to the Ad supplier. You will be billed the first week’s ad budget upon activation of each billboard campaign. Weekly billing will continue until you reach out to us to pause or stop your digital billboard.


How long should I run a Digital Billboard campaign?

  • Our recommendation for business owners is to run an advertising campaign for 6-12 months straight in order to gauge the results.
  • For a test run – you can run a campaign for a minimum of 1 month in order to get some traction. Digital Billboard advertising is all about brand recognition. The more viewers see your billboard, the more they will recognize you.


How much do you recommend that I budget for billboard ads?

  • Big city with 1 zip code: $200-1000 per week
  • Town with 2-3 zip codes: $200 – $1500 per week
  • Small city with 5 zip codes: $400-3000 per week
  • Medium city with 25 zip codes: $750-10,000 per week
  • Large city with 55 zip codes: $1500-20,000 per week
  • Nationwide all zip codes: $2000 – $30,000 per week


Do I need an ad designed?

  • Yes – you will need a high quality ad designed.
  • Option 1: We can create a custom ad When you fill out the form at the bottom of this page, indicate your preference.
  • Option 2: You can provide your own high quality billboard ad. Our ad supplier will need to approve it. Standard size is 840 x 400 pixels, PNG, JPEG or JPG.


What type are criteria options are available for campaign targeting?

  • Location targeting options: Entire USA, state(s), metro area(s),  cities, zip codes


How to plan for an effective billboard campaign?

  1. Define your target audience – Before you do anything else, determine your target audience. Questions to ask include: Where are they located? But more importantly where do they drive to and from. Focus on a couple highly traveled roads/highways to start. Are there certain areas that attract a population that matches my ideal audience? Note those areas as well as areas where your ideal customer likely lives.
  2. Determine your Objective (Goal) – Now that you know who you’re targeting, it’s key to zero in on what you want them to do.
  3. Choose your Billboard (Message) – Ok, so you know who you want to see your commercial as well as what you want them to do. Let’s make sure your message comes across clearly and effectively.
  4. Determine an Effective Budget & Time Frame (Investment) – Typically, businesses devote 7-8% of their annual revenue to advertising. But Maybe that doesn’t work for your business. It’s better to budget what you can afford to keep doing for 12-18 months. Also, consider your audience size.
    • Key things to remember: A person needs to see your ad enough times that they later remember you at the moment they want your services. For smaller budget campaigns, it can take 6-12 months to begin seeing results and 12-18 months for significant, profitable results. Match your budget to the size of your audience AND to the impact you want to see to your business. Don’t spread yourself too thin. It is better for a smaller group of people to see your ad several times over a given period of time than it is for a large group of people to see your ad only once or twice.


What type of reporting/analytics will you provide to show how the campaign is doing?

  • We will provide weekly reporting, that will be a snapshot of your campaign progress. You will also be able to gauge traction by the number of opt-ins to your website/landing page. Here are the reporting stats we’ll provide:
    • Views: How many times your ad was seen
    • Spend: How much budget was spent to place your ad each day
    • CPM (Cost Per Thousand): What it costs for every 1,000 people that viewed your commercial



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After the initial 30 days, our recommendation is to continue for 6-12 months to see the best results with advertising.
If the answer is no, this service is not a good fit. The provider requires a $150 per week ad budget to see results.
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