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Business Progressive Web App Development

It’s time to get into your customer’s pockets – LITERALLY!

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are mobile apps that combine native Apps (i.e. apps you download through app stores) and mobile websites to provide amazing user experience in terms of ease of use, speed, convenience , browser compatibility, monetization.

We specializing in creating progressive web business apps for the following industries:

  • Restaurant
  • Hotels
  • Sports Team
  • Music/Entertainment
  • eCommerce
  • Health & Beauty
  • ..and so much more!

Progressive Web Apps are install-able and live on the user’s home screen, without the need for an App store. They offer an immersive full screen experience and re-engage users seamlessly with web push notifications.

With a progressive web app, you immediately communicate to your clients and customers that your business is high tech and up-to-date. At the same time, you’ll be able to enhance the service or product you provide in new and exciting ways and provide more value as a result. Alternatively, you can monetize a mobile app and turn it into a new revenue stream to help you grow and expand your business.

Some of the features/benefits that our web apps offer:

  • Easy installation and sharing without need for an app store submission
    • A web app allows users to add apps to their device home screen without the hassle of an app store. You can easily share the application via URL. All downloads and updates are delivered on any user device automatically when the website is updated.
  • Displays responsively on all browsers
    • The app displays responsively on all browsers and user platforms. It works for every user, regardless of browser choice, because it’s built with AI technology that allows it to display responsively, look and perform with the same with best user experience across all devices including desktop, mobile, tablet, or whatever is next.
  • Independence from app stores [no need for Google Play or Apple Store]
    • This means you are no longer restricted by iOS and Android’s rules and guidelines. You will not have to go through an approval process, allowing your web app to be used as soon as it’s ready.
  • Apps work great regardless of internet connection
    • Our apps are enhanced with AI technology that allows the app to work offline or on low quality networks. When launched from the user’s home screen, our AI engine enables your App to load instantly, regardless of the network state or speed.
  • Dynamic messaging by group or locations with detailed user statistics
    • You can send messages to selected groups or by selected locations, and get complete users detailed statistics to analyze the pattern of subscriptions and interactions.
  • Dynamic and highly flexible notification scheduling and delivery
    • You can effortlessly schedule an unlimited number of notifications for now or later, with links to your promotional, sales, services or products page.
  • A recent study says that using progressive web apps results in:
    • 84% decrease in loading time
    • 27% increase in conversions
    • 53% increase in mobile sessions on iOS
    • 24% open rate on push notifications
    • 8% of consumers who tap on a push notification make a purchase

View our pricing below:

This is ideal for Blogs,Nonprofits,Churches
+ $49/month (hosting & maintenance)
Native iPhone or Android
App planning workbook
Spash screen + app icon design
5 push notification updates
This plan is ideal for individuals/businesses selling products or with a large email list.
+ $99/month (hosting & maintenance)
Native iPhone or Android
App planning workbook
Spash screen + app icon design
eCommerce integration (integrates with paypal, etc)
Unlimited Push Notifications

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